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Site News...Sept 4, 2016
More pictures, more pictures. Started the 2002 Gallery entries. I get to relive the moments as I process them. Always bittersweet.

I've started to work on Zlurp! again. It's been exciting. Redid the installer as there are a few dll's that are missing on Win 7 and 10 that the cow wants. Waiting to release it until I get the project compiling, and can do a couple of long awaited fixes. It's gratifying that Zlurp! still works on Win 10. And I still get emails now and then with questions and comments. Really get a kick out of that!

Somewhat quieter year. IT has given me a sort of promotion. I get to be an "official" game designer. So far I'm not really doing anything I wasn't already!

Wishing the FOC's a quiet year as well. It's good to have some time to breathe. And to wear your seat belts.